I create a variety of art of which the Soul Imprints, Pu'uwai (Heart) Healing PrintsSoul Guide Prints, and Soul Angel Prints are all custom pieces that are created for clients. In additional to these custom pieces I offer Fractal Art Prints, The New Earth Print, I AM Cards and Fluid Fusion Pendants. Please browse through the various galleries to get an overview of my work.

If you like what you see and I can serve you in some way please do get in contact with me.

The Heart of Mother Gaia was painted in 2009. This was my first painting using water color and I loved the ease in which the brushes swept over the canvas. I heard the name almost immediately and the message was that we are all very connected to the earth! This beautiful planet is the very essence that allows us to fulfill our purpose. Love is at the core of the earth, cosmos and all beings and as spiritual beings we are one with all that is or ever will be. We are very fortunate to live on this beautiful planet. When we become more aware and start loving and honoring Mother Gaia, she will certainly nurture and sustain us for the rest of our journeys.