Carol's Fluid Fusion Energy Pendants are designed with fractals. Fractals have been scientifically proven to have a physiological impact on people and it can be quite a profound one. The subconscious mind recognizes fractals and viewers experience an increased sense of well-being and peace!

Each and every Fluid Fusion Energy Pendant is completely unique and has a specific meaning and effect. It is believed that fractals are one of the 'new tools' on the planet today to aid us on our journey to Ascension. The Fluid Fusion Energy Pendants that Carol creates emits energy that is harmonious and raises the vibration of the individual, their surroundings and the planet. 

Simply looking at a Fluid Fusion Energy Pendant for a split second can increase the size of a person's aura and their vibration. Imagine the positive effects you can experience by wearing any of these intuitively created Fluid Fusion Energy Pendants!

There is a natural unison between fractal energy and the human energy field (soul) which can bring about a natural healing effect and birth states of expanded awareness for the wearer.

It is Carol’s intent as an intuitive, lightworker, artist, and healer to help each person experience an increased sense of well-being and peace while propelling them forward on your journey!


Each Pendant is made from a UV and abrasion resistant polyurethane material that is ECO-friendly (free of mercury lead, harmful solvents and phthalates) that will withstand years of use and comes with sterling silver bail and chain.

Mystic Infusion

Helps provide a bridge to pure spirit, unconditional love, respect for self and all life. It helps to restore our innate qualities of purity, gentleness, confidence and promotes wellness on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It helps to expand our intellect, awareness, sensitivity, intuition and that part of you that sees beyond the five senses.  It encourages us to claim our inner power and connect to the mighty “I AM” presence.

The Thirteenth Direction

Helps us walk through life with faith and connect with the intent of the infinite. It brings about the next level of peace while allowing us to embrace the eternal moment which is continually re-creating itself. We enter a dimension of space less space and timeless time by just being – which in its true essence is love. By claiming our inner power and wisdom we purify our ego which enables us to fully express the purity, brilliance and divine beings that we are.

Light of the Ancients

Helps stir our soul by igniting our inner passion and brings forth joy and unconditional love. It helps us find the courage to independently walk through life with faith, charisma, goodness, warmth and genuine connection with all that is or ever will be. It helps us acknowledge the perfection and light that we are outside the illusion of our physical bodies.

Cosmic Wisdom Expander

Helps us expand our inherent wisdom and insight, penetrating into the fundamental emptiness, universal sameness, and true nature of all things. It helps us remain grounded and connect with the life force energy from Mother Gaia while assisting with us with deep insight, foresight, clarity and higher mental activities. It helps us connect to the spirit resonating within each of us and promotes peace, clear communication, love, warmth and empowerment while assisting us to make changes on a deeper level.