Soul Guide Prints are chanelled intuive art specific to each client. There is an enormous amount of creative and intuitive energy that goes into each and every Soul Guide Print. Discover who your current Soul Guide is and what they want you to know. What type of support is your Soul Guide providing for you from across the veil. A picture is worth 1000 words....what will yours tell you?

I used to doodle endlessly as a child and have always been compelled to create. Aside from taking two years of Commercial Art in high school, I was never formally trained as an artist. In 2004 I decided I would like to try to paint so I went to the art store and picked up some canvases, brushes and paints and that was the turning point for a most interesting journey. "Lugh" was the 4th painting I created and was my inspiration and encouragement to continue on this path.

The spiritual art shown below are samples of the type of Soul Guides and energies that come forth for me when I pick up a paint brush. My work is almost always abstract to a certain degree and I never really know who or what is going to come forward. These are good examples of what you might find in a Soul Guide Print.

I painted Lugh in 2004. At first I started calling him Glorious and over time I realized that his name was Lugh - the Celtic Sun God of Harvest. His name means "Shining One" and he was a renowned master of arts, poetry and healing. Lugh was painted on Canvas with Acrylic and has been Digitally enhanced.

Brigit was painted in 2009. While allowing my hand to move freely across the canvas I heard Brigit's name repeated to me over and over. After a little research I discovered that Brigit was the female equivalent of Archangel Michael. She was a highly respected Celtic warrior goddess and her name means "powerful one". She is also known as the triple goddess of the flame to help purify us, increase fertility, creativity and promote healing. Brigit inspires divine guidance and intuitive information.

Hsztkar (pronounced hutscar) was painted in the early part of 2010. It had been a long time since I had picked up the paint brushes and when I did - this painting came together in about 5 hours. My hand moved effortlessly across the canvas and after about 3 hours, I distinctively heard the name Hsztkar. So I went and grabbed a piece of paper to write down the spelling of the name of this most unusual energy that was forming on my canvas. Later that year I attended a retreat in Red Deer and it was then I learned that Hsztkar was the ruler of the 3rd root race of Atlantis and that this civilization had been lost through a worm hole or vortex in the hidden realms. Hsztkar was painted on Canvas with Acrylic paint and digitally modified to amplify and enhance the color frequencies.