These Soul Imprint samples shown below have been created for clients. As you can see every single Soul Imprint exudes a uniqueness, frequency and energy specific to the client.

The names have been removed from these Soul Imprints to respect the confidentiality of the client.

Soul Imprints

Soul Imprint is Custom artwork Carol creates and interprets based on the vibrations she receives from the client's energies. A Soul Imprint can be done for a person (crossed over into the spiritual realms or still living in the physical dimension), pet, or business. There is no need for the client to be present since energy has no boundaries and the entire process takes several hours (some times day's) to complete.

There is a substantial amount of creative and intuitive energy that goes into each and every Soul Imprint. The first step in the process is to connect to the energy of the person, spirit, pet or business by honing in on the name, birthday (not required for businesses) and physical location. This is done through meditation. Once connected to the energy, the creation of the art begins. Working in a quite and meditative state, guidance is received and the art seems to unfold naturally. Carol does not set out to create any specific image...they just appear. Some of the images match what she saw during the meditation process which validates her inner visions while other images just show up. Once the basic Soul Imprint for the client is complete the next step involves delving into the minute details of the imprint and interpreting it. Next comes the translation and transcribing of the imprint. Lastly the imprint is scanned and the finishing touches are added which results in the end product. Many clients are moved emotionally when seeing their Soul Imprints for the first time. To see what others have to say please check out the Testimonials

Pu'uwai (Heart) Healing Prints

Pu'uwai (Heart) Healing Prints are basically the same as the Soul Imprints except thay they are done for souls that have crossed over to the other side. The intuitive and creative process is similar to the standard Soul Imprints except that Carol is tuning into a energy that has left the physical plane. Pu'uwai (Heart) Healing Prints help assist the living understand the journey of the crossed over soul. This understanding is intended to bring acceptance, release and closure for each client. By moving beyond their grief the client returns to a state of peace and joy.