“Carol’s Soul Imprints are truly distinctive and utterly amazing....I must admit I am truly amazed by the degree of accuracy with regards to my personality and other key points!” - Irene Martina -

“Carol is a dear friend of mine, Soul Sister indeed. We may ask ourselves how does one gain the ability to bring forth a multitude of our SoulSelves? Within the vastness of our Being all life is indwelling. Nothing exists outside of us that does not reside within. Carol is able to go deep within and connect with many layers of a Soul, no life form is separate from her. While in her expanded state of Being there lies only a Oneness, Oneness with all that is. More often than not most Souls forget their true magnificent selves. The Soul Imprints that Carol creates allows Dear Ones to re-connect to aspects of their multi-dimensional selves. These treasured gifts bring you to your knees, as rivers of tears (healing waters) flow from thy Holy Well within. Order yours now in this eternal moment! “ - Love, Praise and Gratitude, Wendy Gamelin -

“Carol's interpretation of my Soul Imprint is amazingly accurate. I look at this imprint daily as it has a life and energy of its own. It actually seems to pulse. I love it! I enthusiastically encourage other's to experience the allure of their own custom Soul Imprint. Thank-you Carol for such an exciting work of artistic beauty!" - Nadine Gordon -

"I just received the Soul Imprints ...they are STUNNING!! They look so much like my friends. The descriptions are very cool too, quite accurate, but I am blown away by the images. Thank you so much! I am very happy to have such a beautiful and unique gift for two very special friends." - M.W. -

"The Pu'uwai (Heart) Healing Print arrived before Christmas and it was AMAZING! Thank-you so much! It touched us so much that we were left in tears. This has really put me in a pursuit of spirituality!" - J.M. -

"I want to thank you for the Soul Imprint you have recently done for me. I was amazed at the complexity and colour of the imprint and the accuracy of the write up. As I read your write up, I felt a sense of affirmation and re-connection. You have a very special gift!" - Rene -

"Thanks Carol. It was very positive for me to see myself so clearly and put in such away that I can see my whole self developing. Everything made sense in my current journey and my hope for the future. Thanks so much." - Doug -

"I love my Soul Imprint! Thank You!" - L.W. -

"I've been meaning to contact you about the Soul Imprint you did for my friend. As soon as I got it, and looked at it, I cried. Everything in it is absolutely true for him. He has been someone who has given me a lot of wisdom and insight in my life, and with your help I was able to return the favor. He loved it! Thank you for sharing your gift with us." - J.H. -

"Thank you !! I received my Soul Imprint today and I loved it." - S.B. -